Photography is an art. You are capturing a moment in history and that image should tell the story of that moment.

Bryan’s love for photography started at a young age when film still ruled the world. His unique vision and skill set would grow over the years while he made the transition from amateur / hobbyist photographer to working professional. Bryan made the switch to full time digital photography as a professional in late 2000. Since then his work has included print, event, product advertisement, political campaigns, governmental and corporate projects.

“I use state of the art camera gear and lighting but not because it is the newest thing, I use it only if it makes my work better and helps me to realize my client’s vision in a more effective manner” – Bryan Burch.

Bryan’s post production work and retouching skills have long been one of his strong skill sets. Using digital technology to create a vision while keeping the photo realistic qualities of the original image. Removing slight imperfections and making corrections are an important part of the process. Bryan’s goal when retouching photos is that nobody can tell the image has been altered. It must appear that the photo retains the “right out of the camera” feel.

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